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Buy our imports on Faire 23-Jul-2021

We have set up a few brand pages on the Faire Wholesale Marketplace. If you are a Faire customer..

Introducing Gin Mayo's Partner - Gin Chup 06-May-2021

We have been importing Gin Mayo for a few years now and offering it to our wholesale..

Belazu Ketchup - 3 Thick & Rich Flavors 14-Apr-2021

Our assortment of imported Belazu products has expanded and includes three flavor..

Island Bakery - introducing Cheese Biscuits & Oatcakes13-Apr-2021

Island Bakery, based on the Isle of Mull in Scotland and in the backyard of the diary that..

Packing for the Holidays? We got Baskets, Boxes, & Crates16-Oct-2020

Packing gifts for the holidays (not sure why else you would be packing for the holid..

Shortbread House of Edinburgh for the Holidays14-Oct-2020

Shortbread House of Edinburgh bakes truly handmade shortbread based on a family heir..

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Update Tuesday, July 27

We just received a fresh shipment from Belazu Ingredient Company, Island Bakery, and Shortbread House. Early next week we are expecting Pipers Crisps Potato Chips and Pea Green Boat Cheese Sables.

  • Prices are going up soon - we have had our challenges with importing product, shipping now takes longer and is more expensive. As result prices will be increasing soon. Order Now before prices go up.
  • We have been testing out Faire Wholesale Marketplace for a few brands. You can now buy a few of our imported brands on Faire - See Details
  • We are in the process of transitioning to a new online ordering platform. If you are an existing customer and interested in testing the platform, Please Contact Us


Introducing Gin Mayo's brother, Gin Chup. Read More

New from Island Bakery

Island Bakery, producer of our longtime favorite Lemon Melts and Chocolate Gingers cookies has ventured into the world of savory biscuits and introduced a line of cheese biscuits & oatcakes. Read More





the Wasabi Company

Read about our new Import from England - The Wasabi Company


Current Specials & News:

Belazu New Items: Shawarma and Taine Paste

New from Belazu ingredient Company - Shawarma & Tagine Paste

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