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Shortbread House

The Shortbread House of Edinburgh is a small, family run bakery started by Anna Wilson. It has since become the premiere brand of shortbread throughout the British Isles. Their products use no shortcuts or preservatives, and they are always made with the same recipes by hand.
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Shortbread House Whiskey Cake 400g MP6

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A single malt whisky from an independent distillery is used in Shortbread House's scrumptious holiday Whisky Cake. The raisins and brown sugar pair beautifully with the whisky and make it really sing. Makes a lovely holiday or hostess gift.

Units per Case: 6

Ingredients: quality vine fruits (38%), wheat flour, light brown cane sugar, butter, pasteurized eggs, malt whisky (6%), citrus peel, mixed spice, cinnamon, raising agents: sodium bicarbonate, disodium diphosphate
Shortbread House Whiskey Cake 400g MP6

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