Baskets for Summer Gifting


Baskets for Summer Gifting


We stock a variety of baskets that are well suited for summer gifts, picnic gifts, or year-round retail displays. The baskets shown here are all in stock now and ready to ship to you.

  • For smaller gifts, our Willow Brown Lidded Hamper (WLL2421) comes with leather closure straps and handle, and measure 14 x 10 x 9 inches.
  • Another option is our Unleeled Lidded Lined Hamper with Red Check Lining (WLL369MRC), and we are selling just the Medium Size (14 x 10 x 7") of this style on its own.
  • Our Santa Fee Wood Picnic Baskets (WDM6886S2) with double-handles are sold as sets fo 2, with one basket small basket fitting inside the larger one.
  • Similar in style, our Sante Fee Single Handled Picnic baskets (WDM1604S3) are sold in sets of 3.
  • For a more traditional market basket, our Willow Antique Side to Side Handled Basket with Green Lining (WLL2284S2) is good for POS displays and for carry-out gifts.
  • Our fitted picnic baskets are made from Antique Willow, lined with linen and available either fitted with 2 or 4 place settings. 

All of our baskets are sold by individual units or sets so you can buy exactly the number that you need.

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