Belazu Shawarma & Tagine in a Jar?


Belazu New Items: Shawarma and Taine Paste

Shawarma and Tagine in a jar? Yes, the epicurean masters at Belazu Ingredients Company have distilled the Middle Eastern and Moroccan flavors of these dishes down to pastes flavored with the spices that are typically associated with these preparations.

Shawarma Paste contains ginger, turmeric, garlic, chilis, pepper, paprika, cinnamon, and more, all held together in a tomato paste. It is excellent for marinating all kinds of meats or vegetables. Also, mixed with butter, it can be a tasty way to roast carrots, potatoes, or even cauliflower.

Tagine Paste gives home-chefs a head start in creating a meat or vegetable slow-simmered stew or Tagine, which is the name Moroccans give to both the stew and the clay pot that it is traditionally prepared in. Using this ingredient, which contains a wide variety of spices including coriander, garlic, paprika, cumin, preserved lemons, and more, the home-chef can quickly treat their tastebuds to a flavorful and fragrant tagine.

If you are interested in Middle Eastern Foods, check out David Chang's Ugly & Delicious Netflix Series Episode: "As the Meat Turns" (Season 2, Episode 4).

Both are sold in cases of 6 and are in stock now.
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