CMB-Imports now carries Prestat Chocolates



New just in time for Valentine's day, CMB is importing Prestat Chocolates from London, England.  Prestat are carefully  crafted chocolates - bars and truffles, packaged in an elegant and contemporary way.  They are a well known English brand that has existed for over a century with a shop in an arcade right off Piccadilly and very close to Fortnum and Mason, along with being sold in my outlets throughout London, England and exported around the world.  

In 1902, chocolatier extraordinaire Antoine Dufour, following his family’s creation of the chocolate truffle in France, 1895, brought his skills to London and Prestat became an instant success. Favored by Roald Dahl and Stephen Fry and receiving the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prestat has enjoyed celebrity fans for over 100 years. The chocolates are handcrafted, filled and beautifully gift-wrapped in Kitty Arden designed gift-boxes all under the same London roof, by highly skilled chocolatiers. When it comes to the taste, simply placing these chocolates in your mouth will let your taste buds do the talking, and after they’re gone, you’ll have a gorgeous box to keep.

We do have a limited supply of Prestat Chocolate Heart boxes, along with with boxed truffles and bars, stock exists currently in our warehouse along with a new shipment expected in 2 weeks. 


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