CNWC Crackers imported from Wales - New Wholesale Offering


CNWC Crackers

From our travels in the United Kingdom we discovered CNWC Crackers (pronounced "Kuh-nook") and started selling them in our store. They are produced by 2 woman who own a delicatessen in the seaside town of Abaraeron in West Wales. Unable to find savory crackers to stock in their store that they really liked, the 2 woman decided to make their own. Based on their popularity in our store and their distinctive taste and colorful packaging, we are now offering them in our wholesale customers.  

We are offering 5 flavors in the 75g carton size (12 cartons to a case):

  • Toasted Seeds & Garlic
  • Sweet Chilli 
  • Sweet Onion
  • Halen Mon (sea salt)
  • Borsburg Blue Cheese (not shown above)
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