Halen Môn Sea Salt - New Varieties & New Packaging



Halen Môn Sea Salt started in Wales with some sea water and a pan. And on fantastic taste, the business grew from one butcher shop to 22 countries. Despite this mammoth growth, the company still professes a strong connection to the Anglesey Sea where they still harvest their flake salt.  

The Independent newspaper called Halen Mon “the best salt on earth.” That’s why this unique salt is prized by chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and mixologists. The new packaging for this wide-ranging, but curated line is graphic and eye-catching, but it is Halen Mon’s reputation for excellent taste that is common knowledge in the world of good food. It’s always been a strong seller for us and we know you will find the same.

The following varieties are available for wholesale:

  • Halen Mon Vanilla Sea Salt 100g
  • Halen Mon Pure White Sea Salt 10g
  • Halen Mon Pure White Sea Salt 100g
  • Halen Mon Pure White Sea Salt 250g
  • Halen Mon Smoked Sea Salt 100g
  • Halen Mon Spiced Organic Sea Salt 100g
  • Halen Mon Celery Sea Salt 100g
  • Halen Mon Chilli Sea Salt 100g
  • Halen Mon Garlic Sea Salt 100g

Download the Halen Mon Pricelist

Give Emma a call at (646)839-5028 or email her at emma@cmbffm.com for more info!


Be sure to look out for Alison Lea-Wilson of Halen Mon, who will be joining us at our booth (Booth #5158  in the new North Hall) at the Fancy Food Show!

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