Introducing Reids of Caithness Oatcakes & Oaties


Meet the Reids of Caithness: a generations-old bakery puts a new spin on classic Scottish recipes - now in stock!


Reids of Caithness, a family bakery located in Scotland northernmost town of Thurso, use oats grown by local crofters and farmers. The moist and cool climate of Scotland is perfect for growing oats. With baking skills honed over generations, Gary Reid now leads the family business. Reids of Caithness creates exceptional oatcakes and biscuits with the typical butty taste of Scottish Oats, and a delightful, crisp texture.

Reids of Caithness savory oatcakes and sweet oatie bites are available in the following flavors: 

  • Reids Handmade Oatcakes with Butter - a healthy snack and a platform for cheese and more.
  • Reids Handmade Smoked Oatcakes - John Inglis of the Caithness Smokehouse slowly smokes the oats, and then the oatcakes are baked, resulting in a rich and delicate balance of flavors.
  • Reids Handmade Oatcakes with Black Pepper - a spicy companion for cheese or a healthy quick snack.
  • Reids Handmade Oatcakes with Rosemary and Thyme - a strong hit of herbal flavor mellows to the taste of creamy, nutty Scottish oats.
  • Reids Maple & Pecan Oatie Bites- new world 100% pure maple syrup and chunky pecans are combined with Scottish oats for an enjoyable twist on old and new world flavors.
  • Reids Banoffee Oatie Bites - Banoffee, a twist on the classic British combination of banana and toffee, produced with the nutty flavor of Scottish oats.
  • Honey and Oatmeal Oatie Bites this classic combination creates a homey and inviting treat that is universally pleasing.
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