Introducing The Wasabi Company


The Wasabi Company

We just got our first shipment from The Wasabi Company from Dorset, England. They grow wasabi on a farm that has been operating since 1850s. The farm has been cultivating watercress, but on a whim, they started to experiment with growing wasabi in 2010. It turns out that the wasabi plant is very challenging to grow and has only been cultivated commercially in Japan.

In the United States, as well as elsewhere, what is served as wasabi is often made from horseradish and mustard, both plants are related to wasabi and are mustard, and have a similar flavor profile, but it is not real wasabi. The real thing has a bit more nuance and a hint of sweetness and a natural light green color.

All of their award-winning products are made with quality ingredients and meticulous Japenese design esthetic. We are offering to our wholesale customers six products, including their Wasabi Mayonnaise and Power, and also their Yuzo Mayonnaise, Mustard, and Jam. To see and taste these products is to understand their appeal, all the ingredients and flavors match the quality of the elegantly designed packaging.

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