Lakrids by Bulow Holiday Flavors are in Stock Now


Lakrids Licorice Seasonal Flavors

Just received in our warehouse, three Lakrids seasonal flavors that have a handsome look and great flavor. These variations of chocolate-coated licorice are perfect for hardcore Lakrids fans as well as appealing to those with a sweet tooth. As Lakrids does so well, they have combined chocolate and a gentle licorice taste in a playful way. The Gold and Classic flavors have a striking exterior color. 

Gold - Licorice center surrounded in raspberry-flavored chocolate and coated with a gold exterior.

Classic -This all-time Christmas favorite is a combination of soft licorice, silk-smooth dulcet chocolate, crispy sea salt and a punch from raw licorice powder to tickle your taste buds.

Dark- Smooth dark chocolate surrounding a soft sweet licorice center and small flakes of sea salt.

They are all gluten-free and availble now.

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