Lakrids Licorice coming soon to our Wholesale Line Up



We are excited to offer Lakrids Licorice wholesale in the USA for the first time at the Fancy Food Show.

Lakrids, a licorice company born on the Danish island of Bornholm in 2007, is the only producer of handmade boiled licorice in the world. Created by Johan Bülow, this lauded company uses only the finest raw materials with no additives.

Some of the Lakrids products that we will be offering;
  • Lakrids #1 sweet licorice with a soft chewy texture, that has a nice balance of sweetness and a bold flavor.
  • Lakrids #2 Salty licorice is slightly sweet but mostly salty with a soft and chewy texture.
  • Lakrids #3 Johan Bülow’s answer to American licorice - soft and chewy flavored with fruit juice This licorice has an exquisite taste of blackcurrant, cranberry, lemon and strawberry, balanced with licorice.

If you are at the Summer Fancy Show, stop by our booth and sample this very distinctive product.

See  Larkrids Products in our online catalog.


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