Lakrids Seasonal Flavors in Stock Now


    Lakrids Seasonal Flavors
    We are now in stock in all Lakrids flavors including the following seasonal flavors:

    • Red Currant Chocolate Coated Licorice (125g) - Red currants, native to northern Europe, are well-loved for their deep red color, pleasant acidity, and juicy, fruit-forward taste. Lakrids by Bulow sources the berries from the region around Copenhagen, creating a quintessentially Danish treat bursting with local flavor. 
    • Sea Buckthorn Chocolate Coated Licorice (125g) - Sea buckthorn, an obscure fruit to most Americans, grows abundantly in northern Scandinavia and is celebrated for its bright orange color and almost-tropical citrus flavor, reminiscent of kumquat. Naturally tart, they are known locally as "the lemon of the North."
    • And from the Spring LOVE Series, Strawberry & Cream Coated Licorice 125g MP10 - This flavor features the synergy between red strawberries, white soft cream, and sweet licorice. Exclusive white chocolate brings it all together, and the whole satisfying union is here to make you taste true Danish love.

    All are gluten-free and sold in cases of 10 and in stock now.

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