Making the most of the 2013 Summer FFS


Tips and tricks from Booth #5158

The (newly renamed) Specialty Food Association  annual Summer Fancy Food Show can be the highlight of the year! It can also be exhausting, frustrating, daunting, hectic and messy. But, in the weeks leading up to the show, the NASFT has hosted a few twitter chats with the aim of inviting longtime exhibitors (like ourselves) and newbies to share ideas and tips. The chats (using #SFFS13chat hosted by @craftcarejoy) have been a lot of fun and we thought we’d pass on what we shared and learned!

How can you make it fun + interactive using social for consumers who follow you?

@ChelseaImports : Post lots of pictures and not just packaging!

Pictures of preparation and action at the show make customers feel like a part of the fun, even if they can’t attend. Plus, everyone loves a sneak preview of what’s new! We like to use Twitter for our industry contacts and instagram for our retail customers ... then Pinterest sums it all up.

What advice do you have for first time exhibitors?

@ChelseaImports : Advice for first timers? Follow up leads as quickly as possible. Linkenin app open at all times!

The show is for naught if you can’t walk away with the connections you make. Lead-tracking helps, but keeping those faces in your mind is helpful too. Social media can help here, by not just gaining a name and number, but facilitating more constant and casual communication on top of formal follow-up.

The participants also had these recommendation of #SFFS13 essentials not be forgotten:
  • Duct tape
  • Flip flops
  • Lots of water!
  • Game face

We will be live-tweeting our entire Fancy Food Show experience so make sure you follow @ChelseaImports before you head to NYC!

 And be sure to come visit us in Booth #5158 in the North Hall


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