Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés are Back


We are excited to reintroduce Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés back to the U.S.! If you’re new to the product, Pea Green boat is a small family bakery in Edinburgh that gained local fame for their robustly-flavored cheese biscuits. The crackers feature aged Scottish cheddar and Italian Parmigiano Reggiano. The cheese is combined with organic, local wheat flour and ample Scottish butter for an elegant, satisfying accompaniment to wine, charcuterie or just a cold beer.

The word “sable” means “sand” in French, and refers to the classic pastry dough that uses creamed butter blended with flour to create a “sandy,” delightfully crumbly texture. While traditional sablé dough also contains sugar, these Pea Green Boat Sablés do not, and are instead an unabashedly savory treat.

They are now packaged in new-and-improved 2.8 oz. cardboard boxes, 12 to a case, available in 3 flavors and with an extended shelf life of 6 months. The Original (just cheese) flavor serves as the base recipe for the two spiced flavors: Cumin and Fennel Chili.

These irresistible bites are meticulously baked by our friends at Shortbread House of Edinburgh so we expect they are poised to impress cheese-lovers everywhere. In fact, we dare you to try them and eat just one!

We are in stock and ready to ship these to you. 

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