Prestat Ruby Chocolate Offerings


Prestat Ruby Chocolate Offerings

New to Prestat's exclusive line-up is an assortment of products based on “Ruby,” or red chocolate. Their creations include classic bars, wafers and cacao bean-shaped champagne truffles. Naturally you might be wondering, “what is ruby chocolate and where does it come from?”

Ruby chocolate is new variety of chocolate introduced by Barry Callebaut, a B2B Belgian-Swiss company that supplies 25% of cocoa powder and cocoa butter for the chocolate consumed in the world. Callebaut released Ruby chocolate in 2017 as new variety of chocolate based on ruby cocoa beans. These ruby beans have a natural red-pinkish color and are processed in a slightly different way than other cocoa beans. Callebaut is somewhat secretive about the beans and their methods but makes it clear that the beans are not genetically modified or processed using any additives or unnatural products.

Always finding fresh new ways to delight chocolate-lovers everywhere, Prestat was one of the first companies to explore and highlight this special product. Along with its distinctive, photogenic pink color, ruby chocolate boasts a smooth and creamy texture like white chocolate, bursting with a bright, fruity flavor. Callebaut describes it as “not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness."

We offer Prestat Ruby products in 3 formats: chocolate bars, thins, and Prestat Champagne Truffle, all presented in colorful new packaging designed to showcase this unique chocolate experience.

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