Prestat New Art Deco Chocolate Bars


Just hitting the States now are some luscious creations from Prestat Chocolate of England.


These new chocolate bars include a diverse menagerie of flavors, from Dark Chocolate with Pink Sea Salt to White Chocolate with Pistachio Nuts. They are beefier than the existing Prestat bars and weigh in at 3oz (85g) each. The classic Prestat packaging take an art deco detour that is sure to stand out on the shelf. These new bars are distinguished by playful colors to match the flavor. These bars in cases of 12 bars.

Milk Chocolate Pecan and Maple Bar
This velvety milk chocolate bar is  loaded with pecans and flavored with maple syrup, a  crowd pleaser for sure.

Knickerbocker Glory White Chocolate Bar
This fun concoction mimics the flavor of the classic sundae and includes passion fruit, strawberries, meringue and almonds suspended in deliciously creamy white chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Pink Salt Bar
The strong get stronger with this dark chocolate bar dusted with Pink Himalayan salt.

Tea Time Milk Chocolate Earl Grey Bar
This delightful bar of milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey tea and a touch of lemon, is Britain in a chocolate bar form.

White Chocolate Pistachio Bar
Creamy white chocolate packed with toasted pistachios.

We also have just received a new variety on the popular Prestat Chocolate Thins line.

Dark and Milk Chocolate Thins with Caramel and Sea Salt
A split box contains half salted milk chocolate with caramel wafers and half salted dark chocolate wafers.




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