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Hasslacher's Chocolate Bars - 3 New Varieties Added to our Imports20-Feb-2019

We have been importing Hasslacher's 100% Colombian drinking chocolate - rich, dark, and..

Mighty Fine Kitchen Honeycomb- New Bar Format07-Nov-2018

Honeycomb (a.k.a. hokey pokey, sponge candy, or cinder toffee) is a classic candy that the..

Oatmeal of Alford Meets the Instant-Pot24-Oct-2018

A mainstay of our Scottish imports, Oatmeal of Alford Pinhead Oatmeal has been one of thos..

New Holiday Item from Buttermilk Confectionery10-Oct-2018

Something new from our English fudge purveyor Buttermilk and just in time for the holida..

Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés are Back03-Oct-2018

We are excited to reintroduce Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés back to the U.S.! If you’re new to th..

Prestat Ruby Chocolate Offerings29-Sep-2018

New to Prestat's exclusive line-up is an assortment of products based on “Ruby,” or red c..

Lakrids Licorice - Holiday Flavors and Larger Sizes28-Aug-2018

Those who know licorice, know Lakrids, and we are so delighted to be the exclusive US impo..

Flamboyant & Co - fun new line of imported English Tea12-Aug-2018

Introducing a new line of imported tea from England - Flamboyant & Co Tea Company. Eac..

The Foods of Athenry - new healthy import09-Aug-2018

Joining our menu of imported healthy snacks are products from The Foods of Athenry. Ath..

Lakrids Licorice - We are Now the Sole USA Importer03-Jul-2018

We have the pleasure to announce our partnership with Lakrids by Johan Bülow, in which ..

Introducing Willy's ACV20-Jun-2018

We are introducing English apple organic cider vinegar to our customers on this side of At..

Introducing Great British Biscotti Co.31-May-2018

We are introducing the Great British Biscotti Co. to our line of imported foods. The brand..

Pipers Crisp Newest Flavor: Jalapeño & Dill is In Stock20-Mar-2018

New for 2018, Pipers Crisp has just introduced a new flavor that combines fiery jalapeñ..

New Decorative Gift Boxes - 7 Styles 15-Mar-2018

We just received a new style of gift boxes that we had fabricated in Asia. These stur..

Baskets with Red Checked Lining 19-Jan-2018

We just received a shipment of the baskets seen above. They are all variations of..

Comptoir du Cacao Praline Bars Available Now18-Oct-2017

Comptoir du Cacao Praline Chocolate Bars are available now. Comptoir du Cacao is a small f..

Buttermilk Artisan Confectionery Fudge in Stock Now 10-Oct-2017

This season we're adding Buttermilk Artisan Confectionery Products to our wholesale lineup..

Shortbread House - New Tins and New Flavors14-Sep-2017

Shortbread House of Edinburgh has introduced new flavors of their shortbread that are pack..

Introducing Happy Lab Tea & Infusions from Spain05-Sep-2017

We recently introduced Happy Lab Teas & Infusions in our retail store and th..

Torres Black Truffle Potato Chip- SOFI Award Winner23-Jun-2017

Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips has received a 2017 SOFI™ Bronze Award in the Savo..

Mighty Fine Honeycomb available in 3 formats27-Apr-2017

Mighty Fine Honeycomb recently revamped their packaging. As seen above, their products ar..

Spring Baskets for All Spring Occasions06-Apr-2017

We just added some traditional baskets to our online wholesale offerings that are perfe..

Wood Crates for Gift Packing28-Oct-2016

We just received a full 40’ container of wood crates that are well suited for gif..

Pipers Crisp's New Flavor, Wild Thyme & Rosemary In Stock Now26-Sep-2016

We just received stock of newest flavor of potato chips from Pipers Crisp, Wild Thyme &..

Broderick's Peanut Butter Slam Mini in Stock Soon19-Aug-2016

We are excited about the arrival of the new Broderick's Mini Peanut Butter Slam. This flavor..

Peter's Yard - New Flavors added to Wholesale Range23-Jun-2016

We are excited to introduce 2 new flavors of Peter Yard Crispbread: Pink Peppercorn an..

Kalk Bay Spice Grinders are Back in Stock27-May-2016

We are back in stock on Kalk Bay Grinders and Spice Rubs. We import this line from S..

Picnic Baskets & Food Hampers16-May-2016

Picnic baskets are a great way to promote and sell speciality foods during the summer mo..

Tregroes Waffles from Wales Available Online10-Mar-2016

We just got a fresh shipment of Tregroes Waffles and decided to put them in our online who..

Spring Picks for Spring Gifts02-Mar-2016

We have good stock on a variety of decorative picks that are sure to make your Easter and ..

Hyacinth Flip Boxes - Just Received New Shipment23-Feb-2016

We are back in stock with our popular Hyacinth Natural Flip Boxes. They are available in s..

Mighty Fine Kitchen Honeycomb Bars Available Now12-Jan-2016

We are now offering Mighty Fine Kitchen Honeycomb Bars. These bars are produced from..

Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips make Oprah's 2015 List01-Dec-2015

Torres Black Truffle Chips make Oprah's 2015 List. In her words, "they’re dangerous—super ..

New Wooden Gift Container Styles05-Nov-2015

We just received some new wood gift containers. Based on the popularity of wood products a..

Broderick's Bars from Ireland now in Stock09-Oct-2015

We just received our first wholesale shipment of Broderick's Bars from Ireland. These bars..

New Decorative Pick Styles Now In Stock22-Sep-2015

We just received some new decorative pick styles that are great for the holiday season. Th..

New Dark Wood Picnic Baskets Just Arrived 14-Sep-2015

Last week we received three shipping containers from China of many different baskets inclu..

Decorative Fruit Pattern Boxes – Coming Soon26-Jun-2015

New decorative fruit patterned boxes are in development now. These are based on our single color..

Caviar Flavored Chips from Patatas Fritas Torres13-Jun-2015

Caviar Flavored Chips are brand new and were introduced at the Salon de Gourmets Food Show ..

New Mini Rounds from Shortbread House of Edinburgh15-Apr-2015

Shortbread House of Edinburgh recently redesigned and expanded their line of shortbread mini..

Hawkshead Relish Products are in Stock Now03-Apr-2015

We are again wholesaling Hawkshead Relish Company products. They produce award-winning jam..

New Baskets Styles Now in Stock26-Feb-2015

New styles of baskets, hampers and crates are available now. Some of these were expected b..

Criscuits - new savory gluten-free biscuits26-Jan-2015

We are excited to introduce Criscuits by Kent and Fraser, a savory cheese flavored gluten-fre..

Chocolate Star Bars Available Now16-Oct-2014

Chocolate Stars are parodies of famous people, in the form of cats and dogs dressed to resemble ..

CMB-Imports 2014 Wholesale Brochure03-Oct-2014

Our Wholesale 2014 Brochure - you can also download it as a PDF (/_l..

Chocolate and Love Bars - new chocolate bars02-Oct-2014

Chocolate and Love bars are a new import for us. We discovered this new brand from our trav..

Hasslacher's Chocolate Available Now in Easy to Melt Discs23-Sep-2014

Based on the success of the Hasslacher's chocolate bar, we now import Hasslacher's chocola..

Kent & Fraser Gluten Free Biscuits Available Now24-Jul-2014

We are delighted to offer Kent & Fraser Gluten Free Biscuits to our wholesale customer..

Preview of New Baskets Styles Available in the Fall11-Jul-2014

We are developing some innovative new styles for the Fall 2014. Here is a preview of what we pla..

Shortbread House of Edinburgh Introduces New Tins with a New Look 08-Jul-2014

Rupert and Chris Laing from Shortbread House at Edinburgh joined us last week at the Fancy ..

Lakrids Licorice coming soon to our Wholesale Line Up23-Jun-2014

We are excited to offer Lakrids Licorice wholesale in the USA for the first time at the Fa..

Pipers Crisps - New English Import Available Now06-Jun-2014

A perfect addition to our product offerings are Pipers Crisps. Made in North Li..

Picnic & Wine Tote Baskets are Back in Stock23-May-2014

A new shipment of baskets have just arrived to our warehouse! Just in time for the warm weath..

Island Bakery Gets a New Look Starting WithYour Next order11-Apr-2014

Our favorite organic biscuits from Tobermory on the Hebridean Isle of Mull (west coast of ..

Prestat Chocolate debuts 2 new Truffles flavors: Red Velvet & Black Forest18-Mar-2014

Just in time for Easter and Mother's Day, Prestat Chocolate debuts two flavors in their ex..

Orphan Basket Sale $4-5-6 Sale on Hampers Ideal for Spring Gift Basket & Mother’s Day11-Mar-2014

We have some single size lidded baskets that we have in our warehouse that we are putting ..

Gran Luchito Products Now Available Wholesale13-Feb-2014

We started importing the Gran Luchito line from England late last year. (

Shipping Excuses Lingo01-Dec-2013

This time of year we are very busy receiving shipping containers and distributing the contents. ..

Chelsea Epicure - Sweet & Savory Condiments - Available Now 29-Oct-2013

Chelsea Epicure sweet and savory condiments are made for and curated by CMB! Introducing a new ..

Prestat New Art Deco Chocolate Bars28-Sep-2013

Just hitting the States now are some luscious creations from Prestat Chocolate of England. ..

Wire Baskets with Linen Lining Available Now!04-Sep-2013

Our best-selling wire baskets are now available in Linen! It’s almost that time ..

Kraft boxes with Culinary Patterns - Coming Soon15-Aug-2013

These neutral yet definitely-not-boring boxes are sure to be a hit with any gifter or g..

Making the most of the 2013 Summer FFS29-Jun-2013

Tips and tricks from Booth #5158 The (newly renamed) Specialty Food Association annual Summer..

Heather Hills Honey from Scotland Available Now08-May-2013

Buying honey based on the locale is all the rage in this new, regionally-focused food wor..

"The Art of the Gift Basket" from the September 2012 Issue of Specialty Food Magazine05-Sep-2012

Read about the "The Art of the Gift Basket" from the September 2012 Issue of Specialty Food Magazine..

CMB-Imports now carries Prestat Chocolates14-Jan-2012

New just in time for Valentine's day, CMB is importing Prestat Chocolates from London, Eng..

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